2009/1/26 nlloyds <nllo...@gmail.com>:
> Jerod,
> On Jan 25, 8:34 pm, Jerod Venema <jven...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Not sure about the bug, but is there a reason you can't use the prototype
>> JSON methods?
> I've got a workaround in place, but I'm working on an app that doesn't
> normally depend on Prototype.js, but breaks when it's there. There are
> other components that do depend on Prototype, so it needs to be there.
> Aside from that, I've lost count of all of the libraries and browsers
> that include a copy of json2.js. It's pretty common, so I thought if
> this actually could be a problem it would be worth looking at.
> Thanks,
> Nathan
> >

What happens if you load prototype first?

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