Ok, I was wrong about the last "bug": 

I didn't use exactly the same id format (I didn't used the

Still remains the first issue.

On 27 Jan., 14:10, Cyrus <arianglan...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I have found another bug:
> Sortable.create has a callback "update".
> Update is never called in the example above (with the current version
> of scriptaculous). Wheras it gets called with the older version (from
> 2005).
> On 26 Jan., 12:12, Cyrus <arianglan...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I played around with Sortable (with option "tree") in the last days.
> > First I thought it is working pretty well, see this example here:
> >http://dev.oriontransfer.co.nz/SortableTree/original/index.html
> > In my own application it didn't worked that well. I made a screencast
> > that is showing two examples: The first one is the one with problems,
> > the second one is the one working pretty good:
> >http://screencast.com/t/1VtzghG8
> > You can see the "flickering" when I am in the dragging mode. I cannot
> > drop it easily where I want to.
> > The only difference in these two examples are the versions of
> > scriptaculous used. I am using the current version and here it seems
> > broken.
> > I have tested this with Safari 3 and Fireworks 3 on MacOS Leopard.
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