This is completely theoretical, and probably even more ludicrous as I
think of it being plausible cross-browser...

But in theory if you did something like this

var A = function(){ alert("First definition");}


var A = function(){ alert("Second definition"); };


Would behave as such, so that you could load jquery and all dependent
scripts first, then load prototype and all of its dependent scripts
subsequent to that and get away with it? Give it a shot and let us

On Feb 6, 2:22 pm, david <> wrote:
> Hi dizzyjay,
> the noConflict function works great, but the problem I think is that
> you rename the jquery object, so all other developper will have to
> change there scripts to no use anymore the $ function (by defaul
> $==jquery).
> some times ago, a protosafe library was developped, but it has
> stopped .... so I'm not sure there is a way to resolve your problem.
> --
> david
> On 6 fév, 00:48, dizzyjay <> wrote:
> > Is there a way to resolve this conflict within prototype?  My portal
> > uses jQuery and I'm the only developer with a preference of
> > prototype.js.   I've tried the jQuery.noConflict() with no luck.  I
> > don't want to abandon my prototype.js skillset for jQuery but it's
> > looking like I'm the one that needs to find the workaround if I want
> > to continue with prototype.js
> > (NOTE: I've also tried the find/replace '$' with '_$' method....
> > didn't work- broke a good amount of functionality)
> > thanks in advance
> > dj
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