Hi David,

I've tried to extend the class using the methods shown on these two


This is what I tried, but doesn't seem to work:

        Autocompleter.Custom = Class.create();

Autocompleter.Base.prototype), {
        initialize: function(element, update, url, options) {
    this.baseInitialize(element, update, options);

    this.options.onShow       = this.options.onShow ||
      function(element, update){
        if(!update.style.position ||
update.style.position=='absolute') {
          update.style.position = 'absolute';
          Position.clone(element, update, {
            setHeight: false,
            offsetTop: element.offsetHeight+20

I figured the position is being set through the constructor of the
class, so I just tried to add another 20 pixels to the offsetTop, to
see whether it would move 20px down. But like I mentioned; it throws
it can't find getUpdatedChoices function which is being called later
on in the class..

Thanks for the help

On Feb 12, 12:18 pm, david <david.brill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> can you show us what you have modified in scriptaculous, because at
> least, extending the class should not be impossible.
> --
> david
> On 11 fév, 23:47, watchout <w4tch...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've been stuck at this for 2 full days now and am getting fairly
> > annoyed by the fact I'm not able to make this work.
> > I've done quite a few implementations of scriptaculous and the
> > autocompleter class. In this case though, I'd like to position the
> > hint <div> at another place of the website than right beneath the
> > textbox it defaults to.
> > I've tried to reposition the <div> by adding a function to the
> > callback option, unfortunately this screws things up majorly in IE
> > (due to the IE fix not working anymore in the actual class)
> > Then I tried to extend the class to alter the method of the class to
> > change the position there. Unfortunately I haven't been able to
> > succesfully extend the class. Firebug shows it can't find the
> > getUpdatedChoices function etc..
> > Anyone able to help me out on this matter? I have this feeling it
> > shouldn't be extremely hard to achieve what I try to do.
> > Thanks in advance
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