hey all,

i've created a very iphone-y slider element that is both restricted in
overall movement horizontally (0-400px and it does not move
vertically) and "snaps" to either side of the 400px "container" when
it has passed the 200px mark and the drag has ended. It works perfect
in firefox. In Safari, the onEnd function that positions the element
to either end of this 400px container, is never called. Whats more,
the draggable element "sticks" to the mouse cursor and i have to
reload the page to end the animation.

Here's my code

<div style="width:100px;height: 60px;background-color:#000;z-index:
999" id="dragtest" />
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
new Draggable('dragtest', { constraint: 'horizontal',
        onEnd: function(e, me) {
                element = e.element
                x = element.style.left
                x = x.gsub('px','')

                if (x >= 200) {
                        $('dragtest').style.left = 400+'px';


                if (x < 200) {
                        $('dragtest').style.left = 0+'px';

                console.debug("Snapping to ", element.style.left, " (x
was ", x, ")")
                return true;

        snap: function(x, y) {
                ret_x = x
                ret_y = y

                if (x >= 400) {
                        ret_x = 400

                if (x <= 0) {
                        ret_x = 0

                return [ret_x,ret_y]



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