Well, just in case anyone has this problem in the future, I did
eventually find my answer.

To use the createPopup function as described in my post, you must
reference Prototype and Scriptaculous locally, not through the Google
API as I was doing.

As soon as the libraries were in the same domain, my scripts worked
without error.

Just FYI.

On Jan 3, 12:05 pm, Bill in Kansas City <will...@seritas.com> wrote:
> I've got a web application written in classic ASP that uses the
> window.createPopup() method for context menus. When a menu item is
> selected, the onClick for the item is "parent.myFunction()". Note:
> this is all one page: I'm not scripting across frames, iframes,
> domains, anything; all one page, all one domain.
> Been working great for two years.
> I've introduced Prototype and Scriptaculous, and now this same code
> produces a "permission denied" error. I've tried the following
> scenarios:
> onClick="alert('clicked!');"  << works fine
> onClick="myFunction();"  << error: object required, of course
> onClick="parent.myFunction();"  << error: permission denied
> I've tried plugging in Proto.Menu, but it's not as plug'n'play as the
> authors would like to think, and (as always) deadlines loom. Given
> that there are several systems over which I have maintenance duties,
> I'd just as soon not have to rewrite them all.
> Is there a fix for this? Or a workaround? Something I'm missing?
> Thanks!
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