I am newbie to AJAX and scriptaculous (I know and use php & js) with
what I hope is easy question.  I am building a new homepage for my
company with the idea that a basic shell of links and other widgets is
always in browser, but center section changes to provide other
commonly used company widgets.  I have not yet started to play with
center section - the main use of AJAX - but, and here is problem:

Company desires  automatically updating time widget at bottom of page
- this feature was already in use implemented in scriptaculous at our
London office; this is why I am starting with scriptaculous rather
than some other AJAX implementation.  I stole the following code:

Head section:
<script src="required/scriptaculous/lib/prototype.js" type="text/
<script type="text/javascript">
    new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('clock', 'required/clock/gettime.php',
{asynchronous:true, frequency:60});

And of course, brought all the scriptacous code over to required/lib.

At bottom of page London original was:

<div id="clock" align="center"><?php include ("required/clock/
gettime.php"); ?></div>

I used that and also tried:

<span id="clock">
            //include clock footer
            include ("required/clock/gettime.php");

(since I had the whole in table, thought I might need to go to span
instead of div)

That's it - works in London, does not work in NY for me and London guy
who did original long gone.

The only other difference is London site runs on Windows; mine runs on
Linux - is that a prob?

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