If the element you want to fire a click event on is a link (<a...> 
element) you can use


- which will "do the click". This is particularly great for e.g. asp.net 
postbacks, where the location value is something like 

In IE, the ".click()" will work, but not in FF and other gecko-based 
browsers. See this link:


- in the notes section:/

/The click method is intended to be used with INPUT elements of type 
button, checkbox, radio, reset or submit. Gecko does not implement the 
click method on other elements that might be expected to respond to 
mouse--clicks such as links (A elements), nor will it necessarily fire 
the click event of other elements. /

/Non--Gecko DOMs may behave differently/


On 20-02-2009 13:32, marioosh wrote:
> hello;) i have code like below. I need to simulate click on #log_in
> button when i press enter on input fields. My code doesnt work. Why ?
> What can i do to make this works ?
> [cut]
>               $(this.elContainer).down('#log_in').observe('click', function() 
> {
>                                               this.login();
>                                       }.bind(this));
> $(this.elContainer).select('input').each(function(el){
>                                               el.observe('keypress', 
> function(event) {
>                                                       if(event.keyCode == 
> '13') {
> $(this.elContainer).down('#log_in').fire('click');
>                                                               //this.login();
> //Event.stop(event);
>                                                       }
>                                               }.bind(this));
>                                       }.bind(this));
> [cut]
> >

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