Hi ColinFine,

I think that the method that will hide the element during request is
as you say BAD :((
I will do another way:
- if dropsite is good, just lauch AJAX request, but before set a
spinner inside, near, where you want to indicate that actually the
apply is processing something.
- If response is not good, just do a manual revert (I did not think
you could have bundle callback, ... to do this.

But, The idea of making all info available in the CLIENT is THE GOOD
idea, because each time you go and check if element could be dropped,
you make one more call to the server and it should create all
necessary process to respond to the request ==> which consume a lot of


On 25 fév, 20:41, ColinFine <colin.f...@pace.com> wrote:
> I've been struggling to achieve something with drag and drop. I've
> found a solution, but I don't think it's very elegant, and I was
> wondering if anybody has a better solution.
> I'm dragging an object from one box to another. If it is a suitable
> dropsite, it fires off an Ajax request to update the database and
> several parts of the display (including the dropsite).  But it is
> possible that the operation will not be permitted, in which case the
> Ajax returns a failure code and a message, and the object hasn't been
> moved in the database.
> So far so good. But I want the drag to revert not only if the user
> doesn't find a suitable dropsite, but also if the Ajax operation
> returns failure. On the other hand, if the Ajax operation succeeds, I
> don't want it to revert. (It will only be for a moment before the box
> is redrawn, but it doesn't look good).
> The workround I've implemented is to hide the element before issuing
> the Ajax call, and show it again in the failure callback, but not in
> the success one; so the user won't see it reverting in the latter
> case. But it means the object you've moved disappears for a moment,
> which is not very good.
> Is there a better solution? I wondered if there was a way to use a
> function in the 'revert' option of the Draggable, or to use the onEnd
> of the Draggable or onDrop of the Droppable. But none of these have
> access to the Draggable, only to the dragged element, so I would have
> to write my own revert. In any case, there doesn't seem to be a
> callable default 'revert' function in Draggable: I would expect there
> to be one, so that you can provide a callback which does some other
> processing and then calls the default.
> I see that there was a discussion on similar lines last September, but
> the recommendation there seemed to be to do the checking client-side.
> That is possible, but would mean that much more data would need to be
> downloaded, so I prefer to do it on the server.
> Any suggestions?
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