On Mar 5, 12:30 pm, david <david.brill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi ColinFine,
Thanks for replying.

> I think that the method that will hide the element during request is
> as you say BAD :((
> I will do another way:
> - if dropsite is good, just lauch AJAX request, but before set a
> spinner inside, near, where you want to indicate that actually the
> apply is processing something.
Not relevant - I will do that if I think it needs it
> - If response is not good, just do a manual revert (I did not think
> you could have bundle callback, ... to do this.
That is really what I was asking for. I am surprised both that I can't
do it through a callback, and that Draggable does not provide me a
callable method to do it.

> But, The idea of making all info available in the CLIENT is THE GOOD
> idea, because each time you go and check if element could be dropped,
> you make one more call to the server and it should create all
> necessary process to respond to the request ==> which consume a lot of
> resources.

I see that point, and I have sometimes done it that way, but there are
two reasons against it:
1. All the data that may be required to perform any of the validations
needs to be downloaded with the original page load.
2. The validation has to be coded in Javascript, but is likely to
duplicate some code which is also needed in the server program (PHP in
my case).

For a given site, there will be a trade-off between these different
points, and you make a decision depending on the amount of data
required, the likely number of drag-drop operations, the speed of
connection, the load on the server etc.


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