As I said in my last post, I'm brand new to Proto and Scripty.  I apologize
a head of time for this newbie question.

I was just testing out a simple little page that uses Ajax.Updater to get
new content and drop it into a div.  It works just fine, over and over
again, without trouble.

However, when I add some Effects to the mix, eventually, the container div
ends up getting hidden, when it shouldn't be... I'm a programmer, so I
understand that there's probably some sort of race condition occuring.

Here's an example of what I'm doing, these calls are in the "onChange" for a
drop down on the main page.

new Effect.Appear('pkgSearchFormLoading', {{ queue: 'end' }});
new Effect.Fade('pkgSearchForm', {{ queue: 'end' }});
new Ajax.Updater('pkgSearchForm', 'main.taf', {{ evalScripts: true, method:
'get', parameters: {{live:'live',p:'9,4,1',PackageID:$F('pspkgid')}} }});">

on the page that gets loaded and dropped into the pkgSearchForm container,
this following script is returned...

new Effect.Fade('pkgSearchFormLoading', {{ queue: 'end' }});
new Effect.Appear('pkgSearchForm', {{ queue: 'end' }});

I started out without the queue stuff, but adding it didn't really change

I'm sure that what's happening is that the Appear that's supposed to execute
when the Updater loads the html fragment is either not executing, or it's
executing in parallel with the Fade from the original "OnChange" event on
the main page.

Could someone just point me in the right direction as to the best practice
in doing this sort of thing.


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