In the context of the Rails framework, I am trying to update a table
on a page asynchronously.
I have several fields that can be used to filter the records whic
populate the table.
And I am using 'form_remote_tag' more or less like this:

  <% form_remote_tag  :url=>'/users/
update_user_rows/',  :update=>'user_rows' do |f| %>
<th> <%=  select_tag( :role_selector, options_for_select(role_opts,
"0"),  :onChange=>'form.submit()' ) %></th>
<% end %>

Then in a partial (included in the page) have something along the
lines of:
  <div id="user_rows" name="user_rows">

In the controller I have code that looks like this:

 def update_user_rows
    # gather up my selector values and compose a query array
    # execute the query
    # put the results in a instance variable for use by the partial
    respond_to  do |wants|
      wants.js { render :partial=>'update_user_rows' }

Everything seems to work fine except....
The browser is not updating the element 'user_rows', with the response
from the server, instead it is putting up a new page with the HTML
generated by the server.

What do I have to do to get the browser to update the element

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