Hi Dan,

Can you put together a small but self-contained test page and post it
to Pastie?[1]

[1] http://pastie.org
T.J. Crowder
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On Mar 16, 2:44 am, Daniel Israel <d...@ebji.org> wrote:
> I've got a fairly complex page where I'm using AJAX to get data from  
> the server and populate a form (in a modal box... 
> (http://www.wildbit.com/labs/modalbox/)
> ).  It works fine except for the one textarea.  I get the value fine  
> from the server (confirm in firebug), but when I set the value, it  
> doesn't hold in firefox.
> Works as expected in IE.
> Anybody have any experience with this?
> Thanks.
> -D. Israel
> d...@ebji.orghttp://www.customcodebydan.com
> AIM: JudoDanIzz
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