The problem is here:

> for(s in allDivs)

The "for..in" construct isn't for looping through the elemnts of an
array (although lots and lots of people have been mislead into
thinking it is!), it's for looping through the properties of an
object.  Details, an explanation of why those loops behave differently
when Prototype is included, and suggestions for dealing with it here:


T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
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On Mar 23, 9:12 am, jazzylicious <joc...@vangrondelle.net> wrote:
> Hi there,
> First of all, I have been working now with prototype in combination
> with scriptalous to create some animations on my website and it's
> working great and very simple!
> But, I just discovered that by including the prototype.js &
> scriptalous.js, the function shown below doesn't execute properly
> anymore.
> Debugging in Firefox gives no errors but strange behavior, and IE
> gives me an error with Object not set error, this occurs on the line
> "  document.getElementById(allDivs[s]).style.display = 'none';" where s
> strangely alooks like to be "lastindexof".
> I might get some replys with: So you do use prototype, but don't use
> it for everything??? I just couldn't find a way to do the same thing
> in prototype.
> I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance for your help.
> Jochem van Grondelle
> <pre>
> function toggle(div)
> {
> var allDivs = new Array
> ("divreferenties","divreferentie106","divreferentie107","divreferentie108","divreferentie109","divreferentie110","divreferentie111","divreferentie112","divreferentie113","divreferentie114","divreferentie115","divreferentie116","divreferentie117","divreferentie166","divreferentie209");
> document.getElementById('refterug').style.display = '';
> for(s in allDivs)
> {
>         document.getElementById(allDivs[s]).style.display = 'none';}
> document.getElementById('refempty').style.display = '';
> document.getElementById('refempty').style.display = 'none';
> document.getElementById(div).style.display = '';
> if (div == 'divreferenties') {document.getElementById
> ('refterug').style.display = 'none';}
> else {document.getElementById('refterug').style.display = '';}
> }//]]>
> </pre>
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