I use an Ajax request for posting my form. The response of this
request is a string which contains HTML "<tr id="111"><td>....</
td><td>......</td></tr>". This html represents a row of a <table>, my
goal is to add this row to my table. So I use this code:

firstRow = $('msg'+colorIndicator);
response = xhr.responseText;
firstRow.insert({before: response})

$firstRow if the first row of my table. $responde is my ajax response
"<tr id="111"><td>....</td><td>......</td></tr>".

This code works on Firefox but not on IE. When I try this on IE, there
is no javascript error message and the javascript code following is
not executed. Nothing appends...

What is the issue ? The fix ? Is it an official bug ?

Maybe $response has to be a javascript object instead of a string ?

Thanks for your help,


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