Hi everybody,

we are using Ajax.Autocompleter with old versions without problems.
Now we have version 1.8.2 of scriptaculous and the autocompleter
fields does not work properly (always in IE7).
When the ajax call is done and the results appear in the "div", we
press the "down" key and it does not work (other keys as "shift" or
"delete" also does'nt work).
I've been debugging with "Microsoft Script Debugger" (yes, yes... I'm
plenty of faith) but with this tool is very dificult to look for
"event" problems.
With FF3 it's running ok, but not in IE7 (I think also in IE6). With
old versions of scriptaculous(1.5.1) it works like a charm but we need
some new version to integrate with "Easy Field Validation" from
Dexagogo (a very easy to use form validation method).
Some idea about? Someone with this "??feature??" in IE7?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english,

Miguel López

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