Problem solved!!

we were using version 1.8.0. of scriptaculous instead of 1.8.2 (sorry
for that, I didn't ensure the version...)

Anyway, I've found this links after a new search session in google:

the problem was solved more than a year ago... (bufffff)

Thanks and sorry again,

Miguel López

On 3 abr, 14:33, miguellc <> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> we are using Ajax.Autocompleter with old versions without problems.
> Now we have version 1.8.2 of scriptaculous and the autocompleter
> fields does not work properly (always in IE7).
> When the ajax call is done and the results appear in the "div", we
> press the "down" key and it does not work (other keys as "shift" or
> "delete" also does'nt work).
> I've been debugging with "Microsoft Script Debugger" (yes, yes... I'm
> plenty of faith) but with this tool is very dificult to look for
> "event" problems.
> With FF3 it's running ok, but not in IE7 (I think also in IE6). With
> old versions of scriptaculous(1.5.1) it works like a charm but we need
> some new version to integrate with "Easy Field Validation" from
> Dexagogo (a very easy to use form validation method).
> Some idea about? Someone with this "??feature??" in IE7?
> Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english,
> Miguel López
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