Walter, I don't think that's correct.

The onSuccess callback is called when the XHR request has been fully
completed (all data received), not when data receipt begins (XHR
readyState 4, not XHR readyState 3).  It's called only for successful
requests (200 <= HTTP response code < 300), and only if you didn't
register a specific handler for the specific code that came back
(on200, etc.).  If the request failed and you didn't specify a
specific handler for the code that came back, onFailure is called

onComplete is called no matter what happened -- whether the request
succeeded, failed, etc.  It occurs immediately after onSuccess/onXYZ/
T.J. Crowder
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On Apr 13, 2:39 pm, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> onSuccess means about the same thing as a 200 header from the server.  
> "Yes", it says, "the content is here where you asked for it, and I've  
> sent it along your way. Hope you get it all eventually." onComplete,  
> on the other hand, means "Here's your content; I've verified that you  
> got all of it, and that everything that was supposed to happen here  
> has happened."
> Walter
> On Mar 1, 2009, at 4:41 PM, Quleczka wrote:
> > On 1 Mar, 22:38, BearState <> wrote:
> >> I found out that onSuccess has little to do with
> >> successfully returning anything from the script.
> > What do you exactly mean by this?
> > Quleczka
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