As I highlighted in a previous post, I've created code which
automagically observes all forms in an html page using prototype.

The code is this:

Element.select( 'form' ).each(
{ item.observe( 'reset',myResetFunction() );
FrmItems = item.getInputs();

It's pretty simple and it's based on a simple concept: if I'm pressing
the "reset" button, it means changes were undone, so I should signal
that to my variable as well, hence I watch for it. Next, I fetch all
inputs for the form and observe the onChange event, if anything
happens in any input raising an onChange I will be notified.

Since the webapp is all AJAX, I need a way to do the following:

- Be sure I recall this code(better yet, the function this code lies
in) every time there's a new completed request
- Be sure that I'm not observing the form already(hence, avoid
attaching the observer code again)
- Be sure that I can stop observing hidden forms(visibility =
"hidden"? and how to tell if I'm observing a form?)

All this has to happen making sure that my app doesn't crash :-)
(hint, hint... :D)

May anyone here please point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your time reading this,

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