Scenario: PHP/Smarty application, MVC pattern, prototype for async
requests(used throughout the site).

Suppose you have a form inside a DIV which users fill in or modify
from current data values.
I now want to ask the user for confirmation before he leaves the
current form(the page actually never changes) to go somewhere else
before having saved the modified data.

I figured how to monitor changes on the forms using prototype(ok,
that's not what I'd call a clean and elegant code, but it works
well :-) ).

There's a problem now, though: I need to block an ajax request after
asking a confirmation dialog(do you want to discard the changes? Yes/

Looking through this group I've come across a transport.abort()
method, so that's possibly the preferred way to go, and I learned
about Ajax.Responders on the Prototype Docs.

What I would like now is to have some guidance in putting all the
pieces together to abort the calls in the onCreate globally registered

Can please anyone help me to code this in a sensible way?

Thank you for your time reading this,


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