IE 8 has issues. Calling navigator.javaEnabled() returns true - even
though I have never installed Java on this particular computer.
Firefox 3.0.6 is correct and returns false.

Using, their test using this:

   This web browser can <applet ...>NOT</applet> run Java applets

also causes IE 8 to display the modal pop-up "The page you are using
uses Java. More information on Java support is available from the
Microsoft website. | | Do not show this message again." However,
further down the page, their call to javaEnabled() displays true.
Firefox displays "... NOT run Java applets" and displays false for the
Javascript call.

It's true that a user could simply check the box "Do not show this
message again." but it's misleading and would confuse our users.

FYI, the computer I'm running this on is a MacBook with Windows Vista
(all updates installed) with IE 8 which I just installed a few days
ago. I have never installed Java. I installed IE 8 on this computer
for the sole purpose of testing our web app on IE8. Using the latest
prototype.js, everything looks good so far except for this issue.


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