BTW, IE 8 does correctly display "This web browser can NOT run Java
applets." after I acknowledge the modal pop-up.

On Apr 20, 10:06 am, Greenosity <> wrote:
> IE 8 has issues. Calling navigator.javaEnabled() returns true - even
> though I have never installed Java on this particular computer.
> Firefox 3.0.6 is correct and returns false.
> Using, their test using this:
>    This web browser can <applet ...>NOT</applet> run Java applets
> also causes IE 8 to display the modal pop-up "The page you are using
> uses Java. More information on Java support is available from the
> Microsoft website. | | Do not show this message again." However,
> further down the page, their call to javaEnabled() displays true.
> Firefox displays "... NOT run Java applets" and displays false for the
> Javascript call.
> It's true that a user could simply check the box "Do not show this
> message again." but it's misleading and would confuse our users.
> FYI, the computer I'm running this on is a MacBook with Windows Vista
> (all updates installed) with IE 8 which I just installed a few days
> ago. I have never installed Java. I installed IE 8 on this computer
> for the sole purpose of testing our web app on IE8. Using the latest
> prototype.js, everything looks good so far except for this issue.
> --
> Patrick
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