When I add onEnterEditMode to Ajax.InPlaceEditor, it seems to function
as I would expect, but in the Firefox version 3.0.8 Error Console on
Mac Leopard, I get "destination is undefined" for Line 108 in
prototype.js version bundled with script.aculo.us version
"    destination[property] = source[property];"

1) Should I be returning something in onEnterEditMode to satiate

Based on code from
How to execute custom code using the InPlaceEditor’s callbacks.
I do the following:
        new Ajax.InPlaceEditor(id, url, {
                onEnterEditMode: function(form, value) {
                        // custom code goes here...
                        alert('onEnterEditMode: form[' + form + '] value[' + 
value + ']');

I get an alert like so:
onEnterEditMode: form[[object Object]] value[undefined]

Notice that the variable "value" is undefined.
2) Is the signature correct?

Note also that the earlier example on that page with:
callback: function(form, value) { return 'myparam=' +
encodeURIComponent(value) }
sends my server side script the posted variable "myparam", so I don't
see why "value" is undefined for onEnterEditMode.

FYI fellow noobs, a little gem I found is that "editorId" is passed in
the ajax request and holds the id of the editor.  Had this been
documented on this page I would not have spent the last 2 days
learning more than I ever wanted to know about the innards of
Prototype & script.aculo.us.

Also, using an id in the body tag did not work in IE, but works in FF
and Safari.  But you probably wouldn't use it there and I was just
testing it there when I started with the InPlaceEditor.

"(Should these callback options be documented in the Options list
Yes, please document these options.

More clarification on ajaxOptions would have helped me, but I was able
to do what I wanted in onComplete.


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