Hi all - I've extended Prototype.BrowserFeatures and thought I'd check  
with those in the know whether this makes sense as an approach or how  
it could be improved. Basically I want to test to see if the browser  
supports setting border-radius with CSS so that I can only use  
javascript methods for browsers that need it. alphaPNG is to test  
whether or not I need to use any hacks to make transparency work for  
IE6. I don't know of any way to actually test that feature so I just  
basically sniffed for 'less than IE7'.

        borderRadius: (
                        var radiusTest = $(document).createElement('div');
                        try {
                                return !!(
radiusTest.getStyle('-webkit-border-radius') !== undefined ||
radiusTest.getStyle('-moz-border-radius') !== undefined ||
!== undefined
                        catch(x) {
                                return false;
        alphaPNG: !(Prototype.Browser.IE && !window.XMLHttpRequest)

Thanks for your input, Tim

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