Never mind. This problem is caused by TinyMCR and IE7.

On May 1, 3:35 pm, laurin1 <> wrote:
> This is the same problem I had before up to 1603, and I fixed it with
> help of this forum (
> scriptaculous/browse_thread/thread/a1c745463251a95d/47692ec72bb65c5b?
> hl=en&lnk=gst&q=__onDOMContentLoaded#47692ec72bb65c5b),
> by adding nothing.js to line 4124, as such:
> document.write("<script id=__onDOMContentLoaded defer
> src=//:nothing.js><\/script>");
> I am getting this message again, but this line doesn't even exist in
> 161rc2. Any ideas?
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