IE6 sucks dont support it !!!!.. if developers stop supporting it then it 
will force change in the industry and we wont have these headaches anymore!

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Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 4:05 PM
Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Ajax.Autocompleter error in IE 6

> hello,
> I have been looking for the solution in the web and I didn't find
> anything. My problem appears only in IE and works fine in Firefox. The
> problem is the following:
> -The first time that I write something I don't receive the list. If
> you stop writting (for example 1 second) and then continue writting or
> deleting.. (pressing a key) you receive the list of items. But the
> first time you do not receive anything.
> -Just to confirm where is the error I have made the following checks:
>      -The server receives the ajax request.
>      -The server response correctly the Ajax request with a list of
> results.
> Then no result is displayed.
> Could someone tell me what is the function in controls.js or other
> file of prototype that take the response of the server, parse and
> include in the div specified in the Ajax.Autocompleter request.
> Thanks
> >

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