At http://remcobohle.mwierda.blackpearl.minus3.nl/flickering.html I'm
trying to accomplish the following. I have a list of images positioned
next to each other using a table. Each image has a caption, using a
DIV element, that I want to display only when the user hovers over the

Everything works as expected really, but when the user hovers the
image AND the caption (e.g. by moving the cursor over the bottom of
the image) a rather distracting flickering effect appears, that I
would like to get rid off. I understand this behavior is completely to
be expected, but how can I stop this from happening?

I foresee something with stopObserving, but I'm not sure how and where
to start, so if anyone could give me some hints in the rigth
direction, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Here's a pastie, just in case:

Thanks in advance,

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