Perhaps straightforward is the wrong word...clumsy maybe? Image
rollovers are so common, I guess I was hoping for a simpler solution,
rather than having to add yet more markup to my layout and wrestle
with 100% perfect stacking in all supported browsers.  Simple image
rollovers can be done with JS calls, I guess I was hoping for smooth
rollovers to be as easy.  Maybe when I have the time I'll try to make
it work.


On May 19, 6:12 am, Alesei Narkevitch <> wrote:
> May be have multiple gif images with animations switch (JS) between each
> other?
> Whats so not straight forward about layers and opacity with css/js?
> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM, MikeD <> wrote:
> > Hi there
> > I searched in this group and web in general, but haven't found a
> > solution for this on.  Basically, I'd like to create an image
> > rollover, except I'd like the effect to be gradual as opposed to the
> > CSS trick.  The only way I can see to accomplish this is to stack 2
> > images one on top of the other and play with the opacity of the top
> > layer. Is there a more straightforward method?
> > ...Mike
> --
> Thank you.
> Alesei Narkevitch
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