You could find a list of all events and listen to them each, there
isn't an "all" operator to listen to any event that is fired as far as
I know...

function allYourEventAreBelongToUs(e){
    console.log("You hit an event %o", e);
$w("load unload click dblclick ...").each(function(evenType){
      $("ele").observe(eventType, allYourEventAreBelongToUs);

Here is a list I found of most events in JS, just remove the "on"
obviously for your purposes...


On May 21, 10:11 am, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> I'd like to see what events are there for the observing, particularly  
> on an iframe. Is there a general-purpose way (or even some tab of  
> Firebug I haven't seen before) that I can see what events are being  
> fired? Some sort of Event.observe('foo','*'... kind of thing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Walter
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