You want to use a queue for each icon; since your inline code already
use the icon element's ID literally, you can just supply that
literally as the scope.

    , queue: {scope: 'navicon1', position: 'end'}

E.g., in this case, you don't need Element#identify.  (The reason it
wasn't working was that "element" was not defined anywhere.)
T.J. Crowder
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On May 22, 5:14 pm, BB Design <bradbans...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is over my head at the moment, so I will need to start out small
> and work my way up. I'm trying to do something really simple, which is
> just to add the queue to my inline event. If I can be confident that
> that works, then I'll try the no-inline-event method. Here is my
> existing code:
> <div class="posnavtext1"><a onmouseover="$('navicon1').appear
> ({duration: 0.3}); return false;" onmouseout="$('navicon1').fade
> ({duration: 0.3}); return false;" href="index.asp">HOME</a></div>
> <div id="navicon1" class="posnavicon1" style="display: none;"><img
> src="art/ic_homeHover.gif" alt="Home" width="71" height="55"
> border="0" /></div>
> I tried adding this:
> , queue:{scope: element.identify(), position: 'end'}
> ...in various places, but I can't get it to work. The effect doesn't
> happen at all, it must be a syntax problem? What must I do to simply
> implement the queue, by sending the event to the "end" of the queue?
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