I was not suggesting that at all
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> @T.J.
> I didn't say it's not valid, but Alex was suggesting to omit the comma
> before onComplete, which is not valid.
> I tried step #3, but in a very smaller scale and it works. I can't add
> all the code needed to replicate, this would take pages!
> @Rick
> That's what I was trying to say to Alex too ;)
> UPDATE: After a lot of trial-&-error approach, I found out what's
> going on:
> IE executes the Ajax call, processes the PHP file, but does NOT
> display anything on screen!
> Nothing "echo"ed, or "print"ed in the PHP file gets displayed on the
> div (target='hidden-div), nor the onComplete "alert" gets displayed on
> the screen!
> BUT, all MySQL calls are working, I added some code to add and/or
> delete some foobar records on my database and they all worked!
> Isn't that strange?
> >

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