I am a bit desperate now. I have tried to work this over and over to
the point where I think I have to give up.

I tried 2 different revert declarations:
1. revert:changeClass
Sortable.create('blank_1',{tag:'span',dropOnEmpty: true,
constraint:true, containment:sections,
2. revert:true (so it should always execute - I would think)
Sortable.create('blank_1',{tag:'span',dropOnEmpty: true,
constraint:true, containment:sections, only:'lineitem',revert:true});

Also to make sure that this isn't my functions mistake, I set the
return statement of my changeClass function to true. Meaning that
revert will be set to true and should be executed every single time
the object is dragged.
Here is the very simplified function

function changeClass(el){ return true;}

Leaves me to think that the patch does not work.

I tried again firebug debugging:
Set breakpoints for the patches
revert seems never to be set?

Can anyone help me??
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