What I'm doing is this -- removing them from the parent object in the  
order I want them to re-appear, then inserting them in that order at  
the bottom of the parent object. So if you start out like this:


Then we iterate over an array of those IDs that is set in the desired  


To iterate over this array, I am using the each() method of  
Enumerable. At each step of the array, I am removing the element that  
has the same ID as that index of the array. While it is removed from  
the DOM with remove(), it's sitting in a variable (implied in my code,  
but there in the "chained" methods. To write this more explicitly, I  
could say:

var foo = $('foo'); //the parent element
        var elm = $(id);
        var bar = elm.remove();
        //at this point, foo is missing elm
        foo.insert(bar); //default insertion is bottom

At each turn of the each() loop, one element would be removed from the  
parent by name (so regardless of where in the order of those elements  
it exists) and added back to the bottom of the same parent. In this  
manner the order of the elements would become the same as the order of  
the array.


On Jun 5, 2009, at 7:18 AM, Daryl wrote:

> Sorry I'm not sure how that works, can you please explain a bit more.
> Basically I have 4 divs in a row ordered 1,2,3,4
> When I press a button I want them to re order themselves 4,1,2,3

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