On Thursday 18 June 2009 10:28:07 T.J. Crowder wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> > Do I understand this to mean that Prototype is incapable of issuing a
> > true HTTP PUT request, that to issue one, I must deal with the raw XHR
> > object?
> FWIW, that's my read both of the docs and of the code.  Specifically,
> in the Ajax.Request#request method, this code is not in a conditional
> branch:
>     if (!['get', 'post'].include(this.method)) {
>       params['_method'] = this.method;
>       this.method = 'post';
>     }
> You could modify your copy to allow 'put', but I don't know that the
> rest of the logic would continue to work.
> I don't know the reasoning behind this; I expect there was some. :-)

I have a ticket on Lighthouse about a very similar problem (HEAD rather
than PUT) here:


Might be a good idea to add a request for PUT in a comment on the ticket. The 
patch I submitted would be easy to adapt to allow both.

I have no idea why Prototype works this way but I'd guess just an 


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