Hey all,

I will preface this with the fact that I am a new user of both
prototype and javascript, so I am learning (slowly) as I go.  I am
currently working on a blog interface and I was going to use this as
my opportunity to learn prototype and some more dynamic ways to handle
form data.

That all being said I am running into problems on a "Select
Categories" form that toggles between being editable and used to
select the categories that apply to a blog post.  The best way to
describe it is to show it to you: http://www.wiredphotographer.com/?s=new
once you get there click on the "ADD / EDIT CATEGORIES" link in the
bottom right.  Please note this is a rough draft of the site so not
everything is functional and the code might not yet be as tidy as it
should be.

Anyways where I have problems are with event observers, I am finding
that I would almost have to have an indefinite loop of onComplete
followed by new observers.

Here is the javascript that I have been toying with: http://pastie.org/517240

I know that it is not correct or "good" code and I know that the
approach I am trying is probably fundamentally flawed.  So I am
looking for someone that might be able to set me in the right direct.

Thanks for all the help,


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