The code is untested but i cant forsee any problems...

Basically it creates an array called "cached" and everytime a click handler 
is added its id is added to the cached array.... Every time #add_edit_cats 
is clicked it checks the length of the array is greater than or equal to 1 
and if so it loops through the array and calls prototye's stopObserving() 
function on that element...

I clean up your code slightly as you said you were new to javascript / 
prototype ....

the main difference is removed Event.observe .. $(elem).observe...... does 
exatcly the same thing but its less code !!..

You will also notice var params=$(this).serialze(true); .... `this` is can 
be used in the scope because its observed and `this` is contained in the 
calling (it has a name but i cant remember what it is !!).... so any time 
you want to get the object or element when using observe you can use this 
`this` keyword (a little bit like php classes) ....

I would also recommend assigning your Ajax.Updater stuff to variables so 
they can be nulled when they are finished ... example: var req=new 
Ajax.Updater({..........................}); req=null; - this unloads some of 
it from client memory and makes for a faster application (tried and tested)

I cant see why there will be an infinite loop  but there is no point 
attaching more than one observer to a click if you dont need to (hence the 
stopObserving() )...





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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Event.observe and Ajax.Updater recursion problems?

> Hey all,
> I will preface this with the fact that I am a new user of both
> prototype and javascript, so I am learning (slowly) as I go.  I am
> currently working on a blog interface and I was going to use this as
> my opportunity to learn prototype and some more dynamic ways to handle
> form data.
> That all being said I am running into problems on a "Select
> Categories" form that toggles between being editable and used to
> select the categories that apply to a blog post.  The best way to
> describe it is to show it to you:
> once you get there click on the "ADD / EDIT CATEGORIES" link in the
> bottom right.  Please note this is a rough draft of the site so not
> everything is functional and the code might not yet be as tidy as it
> should be.
> Anyways where I have problems are with event observers, I am finding
> that I would almost have to have an indefinite loop of onComplete
> followed by new observers.
> Here is the javascript that I have been toying with: 
> I know that it is not correct or "good" code and I know that the
> approach I am trying is probably fundamentally flawed.  So I am
> looking for someone that might be able to set me in the right direct.
> Thanks for all the help,
> Ryan
> >

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