try this: 

function showResponse(req) {
$(currentTarget).InnerHTML = req.responseText;

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Date: Sunday, June 21, 2009 7:35:31 am
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Being Dynamic

Hello, I love Prototype.js, it's sort of the miracle we have been
waiting for.

All hard coded examples I have tried work great, but for some reason
when I try to get dynamic (one sendRequest() for a group of controls
for example) I can not get something that works.

Maybe I am not allowed to do this, feel free to tell me I'm a plonker.

Something in these lines -
                       var currentTarget;

                        function sendRequest( controlID, controlData, target ) {
                               currentTarget = target;
                                new Ajax.Request("requests.php",
                                        method: 'post',
                                        postBody: controlID+'='+ 
                                            onComplete: showResponse
                       function showResponse() {

I have narrowed it down trying to find what it doesn't like, then when
I get to the plain old static -

                        function sendReq

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