I use the classname clone to hook the javascript to later, you can  
call these whatever you like, just be sure you tidy up and make  
everything match on the JS side, too. I put the remove first, because  
it's floated right in my layout, and you get more consistent results  
with right floats if you set them as the first thing inside the parent  
container. You can change these in the JavaScript at the bottom of  
index.php, that's where they're coming from.


On Jul 3, 2009, at 1:43 PM, WLQ wrote:

> Right, also line number 34.
> Now here is how its outputting in html:
> <li class="clone" id="item_92"><span class="remove">(x)</span>clone3</
> li>
> When it should output it like:
> <li id="item_92">clone3<span class="remove">(x)</span>
> Why does it give it a class of clone? And switching the places of
> remove class and the id (line:117+).
> >

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