I'm nearing the end of a decent sized project for a hardware company where
I've been creating a virtual display rack filler.  They'd pick what items
they want from the floor, and drag them onto the rack, later can be turned
into an order, a quote, etc. Anyways, the problem is that it looks fantastic
in Chrome, Firefox, Safari..but IE8 & 7 really chugs on anything DnD to the
point where it is almost unusable, especially when there's a fair amount of

Rather than advice at this point (as this is my first real AJAX project, I
know for sure it isn't optimized, something I'll have to look into myself)
I'm curious if some of you fine people can give me some examples of a
website where scriptaculous is used to create some decent drag and drop
functionality I can take a peak at.  I've seen some demo pages, but nothing
as deep as I would like. I guess I need some faith that IE can handle this
sort of thing decently, as I know its javascript performance isn't nearly as
great as the previously mentioned browsers.

Thanks in advance,


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