Hi everybody,

I am trying to code an OS X-style menu bar with prototype and
scriptaculous 1.8.2. I have two problems which I hope to solve with
your feedback. I myself am stuck after failing with all the ideas I

Please find the example here:

1st problem: image flickering: changing mouseover over the different
divs produces a "flash" or flickering. Reading this group and other
sources suggest that it is a problem with different Effects active at
the same time. I tried to solve this over Effect.Queues and cancel the
whole queue with my scope: 'menu' but unfortunately cancelling queues
results in no effects at all:

// menuelement is the current menu div from  $$('.level_one').each
(function(menuelement) {

elDimensions = menuelement.getDimensions(); // to set style manually
to where the effect was cancelled
var queue = Effect.Queues.get('menu'); // cancelling the whole scope:
'menu' queue
queue.each(function(effect) { effect.cancel(); });

menuelement.setStyle('height:'+ elDimensions.height + 'px; ' +
'width:' + elDimensions.width + 'px;')   // set dimensions to where
effect stops
var myEffect = new Effect.Morph(menuelement, {style: {width:'100px',
height:'100px'}, queue: {position: 'end', scope: 'menu'}}); //new
effect takes place

I also tried to save all effects to the same variable "myEffect",
trying to have them overwrite themselves, which brought a partial

2nd problem: On 'mouseout' I would like the menu to return to its
original state 'width:100px; height:100px;' I tried the following

Event.observe($('menu'), 'mouseout', function(event) {          //
'menu' is the id of the containing div
        $$('.level_one').each(function(menuelement) {
        var myEffect = new Effect.Morph(menuelement, {style:
{width:'100px', height:'100px'}});

This resulted in erratic behaviour.

Help would be greatly appreciated.  Help for better OO programming is
always welcome. Thank you in advance.


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