You'll find the exact terms of the Prototype license here:

It's an MIT license.

Hope this clarifies your issue.



On Jul 26, 8:37 pm, hussayn <hussayn.dabb...@saxess.com> wrote:
> Hi;
> I am investigating in using Prototype within another open source
> application (the Scarab issue tracking system). Scarab is distributed
> under the apache-2 license. I do not see any contradictions with the
> Prototype license, but in order to be sure that i am acting correctly,
> i would like to get an explicit grant to use and redistribute
> Prototype with Scarab. Only then we can use Prototype to enhance our
> frontend.
> But i can't figure out, whom i should ask for such a grant. So maybe
> you are listening here and can help ?
> thanks,
> Regards,
> Hussayn
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