Explain lightwindow for me, does it use javascript to display?  If so
then post that script too please.

On 8/6/09, Martín Marqués <martin.marq...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We are working on and html page which has a div with id="container"
> that gets updated when pressing link buttons that are on the top.
> This is very simple code:
> new Ajax.Updater('container', 'somepage.html', {
>   parameters: { method: GET }
> });
> The thing is that one of the pages has a link with lightwindow class.
> This page by it self works great, but when it is inserted in the
> container div it doesn't use the lightwindow efect, it just opens the
> link as if it was a normal link youn press on.
> Anything wrong with how we are working with this?
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> Martín Marqués
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