Thanks TJ, I'll look into it and see if i can hack something together
Alex Mcauley
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Hi Alex,

I don't think there's any official way.  A quick look at the
release (line #1439) suggests that your responder can access the
target container via the request parameter passed to your responder,
specifically request.container.success (the container that will be
updated on success) and request.container.failure (the one that will
be updated on failure).  As this is undocumented (AFAIK), it may
change from release to release...

T.J. Crowder
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On Aug 12, 9:37 am, Jeztah <> wrote:
> Morning Guys / Gals...
> I am sure this has been covered before but i'll post it anyway as i
> cant find it in a search!...
> I am speeding up a website at the moment by using Ajax to do some
> dirty work in heavy loading pages (pagination and so on)...
> I need to put a "loading" spinner or text in place of an element while
> the ajax is doing its thing....
> I could code each function to do this but i am sure there is an easier
> way.
> My first thought is to use "Ajax.Responders" to do something,
> but......
> Is there a way i can get the Element that is going to be updated by
> the Ajax.Updater via Ajax.Responders - then i can just code something
> Generic into the JS and dont have to worry about updating stuff all
> the time...
> Thanks in advance
> Alex

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