dpGoose wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Axaj.Updater to retrieve a message from the server and it
> does do this but it also posts the form the Updater script and
> associated controls are contained in. I have followed the examples on
> the prototype site with modifications for my web server. Why is this
> happening? Here is the relevant code. This response is just a text
> message.
> <script type="text/javascript">
>       function loadit()
>       {
>               new Ajax.Updater( 'structureTree', 'Render?s=OrgConfigAjax',
>               {
>                       method: 'get',
>                       parameters:
>                       {
>                               cmd: 'test'
>                       }
>                });
>       }
> </script>
> <button onclick="loadit();">Click me</button>
> <div id="structureTree">Loading...
> </div>
you might want to try putting the attribute setting
in your button-tag.

I assume the snippet you posted is contained in a form, right?
Button-tags are type="submit" by default, so clicking the button will
trigger both 'click' and 'submit' events.

Does this help?


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