I've been using Prototype for quite a while. The other day I stumbled
onto something that seemed trivial at first but that I eventually had
to solve another way because I couldn't get it to work.

I needed to override the Autocompleter's onBlur function in order to
still be able to get the highlighted item if the user hasn't really
chosen an item yet (by clicking or pressing return/tab). I have users
that seem to find it logical they can enter some text, then use the
cursor keys to go to the correct selection, and then press the submit
button. I tend to understand their logic.

I could accomplish this by some changes in the onBlur function, but
I'd rather be able to override this function one way or another,
without having all my Ajax.Autocompleter controls behave like this or
without the risk of losing my changes when I install a new Prototype

What would be the correct way to override this function ?

Thanks in advance!


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