Unfortunately, I'm in the unlucky situation of having to reprogram a
massive, prototype-based web application using jQuery.  I've been
getting very frustrated with jQuery because it's focus is much more
narrow - some say this helps streamline things but I find really the
parts that I needed were not the largest ones, while jquery's CSS
selection may have better benchmarks overall prototype encourages
cleaner application code, both in and out of the DOM.

So I've been kinda miffed until I came upon this:

Which basically gives you only the programmatic aspects of Prototype,
leaving the DOM up to some other library.  I don't know, I've kinda
gotten the sense this is the case with a lot of people lately.  Are
there any plans from the prototype developers to support such a
stripped down, non-DOM only version of Prototype for use in
combination with other, more narrow libraries in the future?  It's
nice that this guy made this but I worry about basing my application
on something one person is maintaining.  I think this might be a great
way for Prototype's better side to get more use from developers who
are otherwise stuck with other javascript libraries... and help keep
some of us from going nuts when we discover little things like indexOf
aren't even supported anymore!  jQuery seems to have momentum but
Prototype has its big plusses too, and jQuery really doesn't have an
answer for all of them.

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