I have a similar project (
that is actively maintained and does about the same thing as Prototype
Essentials. I'm working on a 1.6.1 compatible release, and have
contacted the author of that library to possibly put these projects
together. This is also by a single person so doesn't really meet your

Many of the proposed features of ES5 (the next rev of JavaScript) are
native implementations of features present in Prototype, and future
versions of Prototype are intended to be compatible with that spec
yui-3-testconsole-w-prototype-causes-error-in-ff3ubuntu). Narwhal
( implements many of these extensions but is not
really ready for use in a browser, but there may be other libraries
that provide some of those methods.

What I'm saying is that many of the things we like about Prototype are
part of ES5 and "standard", so if you can find a way to add those
features to your environment you might be able to do without


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