will stop observing all observers on id="foo"
will stop click observers on id="foo"
will stop change observers on id="foo"
........ i think you get the idea!

Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Which parameters to stopObserving are optional?

> I noticed in the code for stopObserving that it appears you can get
> away with just specifying the element, and then (perhaps) it cancels
> all observers for all events for that element.  However, the
> documentation surprisingly does not mention this ability, but lists
> the element, event name, and event handler function as though they
> were required elements.
> It would be very convenient to be able to say Event.stopObserving
> (someElement), and so I'm wondering whether the documentation is
> simply incomplete, or whether it was intentionally trying to
> discourage people from using the method that way.
> Thanks,
>     --Paul
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