Could you post an example of your code to a pastie and send us the link - 
perhaps we can work out whats going on for you

Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] After Ajax call page div not always updated.

> Hello,
> I have created a checkout process for a webshop where each step is
> loaded through ajax. Now it appears that 1 in every 100 customers has
> problems loading the second step. They press a button to launch the
> ajax call, but the div which needs to get updated does not change.
> Ergo the customer cannot order and thinks the shop is broken.
> Do you guys have any clew on whats going on? Or maybe a workaround? Is
> this a caching problem.
> Prototype JavaScript framework, version
> Scriptaculous  Version 1.8.1
> Thanks in advance,
> Vincent
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