I have a very simple script that is intended to show an employees
biography on click, and hide all other biography's (since they occupy
the same space).  I have two issues I can't resolve, and for the life
of me can't figure out why.  I'm using Ruby on Rails and I have
included the default javascrip which includes Prototype.  I'm testing
in FireFox.

Here's the code with comments for reference, exact problems detailed

<script type="text/javascript">

 $(".bio_button").click(function(event) {   //when a user clicks on
div with class bio_button, do:
                $(".bio").hide();                    //hide all divs that have a
class of "bio"
                var element = Event.element(event);    //get the div id for the
element clicked
                var id = element.id.substring(0,element.id.length-1);   
//remove the
last letter of that div id, which
corresponds to the div which contains the
biography text

                //alert(id);                  //used to make sure the substring 
working, it is.
                $(id).show();         //this doesn't work for some reason HELP,
please :(
<div class="bio_button" id="timB">click to show Tims bio</div>
<div class="bio_button" id="bethB">click to show Beths bio</div>
<div class="bio" id="tim" style="display:none;">tim's awesome
<div class="bio" id="beth" style="display:none;">beth's awesome

PROBLEM(s) (using a click on tim as example):
1) The above does indeed hide all bio's, and will output an alert of
"tim" if I click on tim.  However, it won't change the display style
to show.

2) In the javascript, if I replace $(id).show(); with $("tim").show();
it still doesn't work....unless I use tim as one of the class
definitions in the html instead of a div id.  If I specify tim as a
class, and use "tim" explicitly in the javascript, it works perfectly.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, i'm losing my mind over what seems
should be very simple.  Thanks to anyone that can help.


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